Meet Jamie

Jamie Shaver

I’m an energetic, outgoing and very passionate person! I am passionate about Jesus, my family & friends, healthy living, Godly mentorship, and being the best person I can be. I have grown over the years by studying the Bible; by reading autobiographies and inspiring non-fiction books (actually, I listen to audio-books– usually at 1.5x the speed- because I’m an audio learner who’s often in my car, and I prefer fast talkers); by contemplating awesome quotes; by thinking about and trying new ideas; by watching documentaries; by interacting with people of all ages; and by learning new skills. If you like having meaningful conversations–especially around a campfire–about any of the above, then I think we’d be fast friends! I also am a person who loves “points”: explanation points; bullet points; and Cedar Point!!! 😁 I’m also a big fan of emojis ❤️, and I think I may actually be allergic to the word ‘can’t’, and I LOVE people!

I’ve been on a wild and fun adventure since I became a Christian at age 28. I was raised with ‘religion’ but I didn’t have a real relationship with Jesus until I was married with 3 kids…yeah, that was a learning curve! Let’s just say my husband didn’t set out to marry a girl ‘in love’ with Jesus. My extended family worried I would become a ‘Jesus freak,’ and often reminded me how they missed the party girl I was BEFORE I met Jesus.

I met Jesus when I was at what the world would say was the ‘top of my game’. For me, I thought attaining the world’s definition of success was going to satisfy me: I had the dream home, a sweet car, a great husband, and healthy kids. I had worked hard and intentionally to achieve these things in an effort to experience some greater purpose or ‘state of being,’ and yet, when I got all of those things I was shocked that I felt no different. I was the same person: I just was in a bigger house with a nicer car. Hmmm…not the result I was expecting! Then, in comes Jesus, My Savior! He was the ‘it’ factor I’d been searching for all along– the ‘something’ that was missing from my life. It was during this time that I began to attend church, study the Bible, teach Bible studies and mentor others all while I was being mentored by Julie Van Gorp.

Julie and I officially launched our ministry seven years after we met so that others could experience what we have found through a personal relationship with Jesus. Two months after we started up the ministry, I was hospitalized with ‘flesh eating bacteria,’ and I found myself fighting to save my arm, and even my life. Faced with a major life-threatening health crisis, my faith was tested at a level I had never experienced before. I thank God that He had prepared me for this life event and that my faith was real, and therefore I was able to overcome the onslaught of fear that seemed ever before me during that time. I recognize how overwhelming fear can be, and I also know how to defeat it when it arises. I want to help others who face anxiety, worries, and fears to know there is One Who truly can give you peace in the midst of the ‘storms’ we all face in life.

I look forward to learning about your life and hope to connect with you soon.


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified or dismayed (intimidated), for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Joshua 1:9 AMP

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