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Equipping God’s Warrior with His Word

True View Ministries was founded with the mission to free God’s warriors from the fear, worry, and anxiety that prevents them from living their God created life. We aren’t afraid to let others see us as flawed people who make mistakes. While we know we aren’t perfect, we are wholeheartedly devoted to serving a perfect God. We genuinely want to help others see God for Who He really is–an Almighty, loving God Who is greater than any earthly fear and always ‘Faithful and True’!

We also feel privileged to enjoy a Titus 2 relationship which we seek to model before others.

We fervently believe we ‘can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us’.

Philippians 4:13

How did Julie and Jamie Meet?

Jamie and Julie met at a business conference in 2005 where they ‘happened’ to end up as roommates. Through what others might say was a ‘chance encounter’– but what they know to be a God-ordained appointment–the Lord changed the trajectory of both of their lives. When Jamie sought to find out how Julie had been so successful in the business in which they were both involved, Julie shared it was because she put her wholehearted trust in the Lord and allowed Him to direct her paths and lead her to clients.

At that time in her life, Jamie felt in many ways that her life was full of striving; she immediately sensed in Julie an inner peace, joy, and kindness that she had been yearning for but didn’t know how to get. As she and Julie talked into the wee hours of the morning, and especially after Julie prayed for her, the Lord revealed Himself to Jamie in a way she’d never known Him before. She truly ‘tasted the goodness of the Lord’ that weekend and ever since has been on a journey to grow closer to God and to fully surrender her life to His Will.

Mentorship and Friendship

That weekend conference changed both of their lives. As Jamie’s desire to know God better grew, she started to regularly read her Bible. As she did, she would reach out to Julie to ask her questions about passages or concepts she didn’t fully understand. Questions like:

“How can I apply this Bible lesson to my life?
“How does this current event make sense according to God’s Word?”
“What’s the Biblical perspective on this situation?”

They spent hours digging into God’s Word together, interpreting it, and applying it to personal and world situations. Julie taught Jamie a Biblical worldview, to use the Bible as the lens through which we see everything. One of the truths that Julie helped Jamie to understand was that we may not always understand why God allows or does what He does, but we can always trust that His heart toward us is full of love.

Those conversations were the start of a beautiful relationship that led to a deep, true, and meaningful friendship.

How did True View Ministries Originate?

Both women quickly realized that it was very likely Jamie wasn’t the only person with the kind of questions she had about God, His ways, and how to apply His Word to one’s life. Jamie thought, “My eyes have been opened to an entirely new, wonderful world that I believe others also desire but often don’t know how to start this journey of faith in God!”

How True View Was Started

Jamie and Julie both sensed the Lord asking them to step out in faith to start a ministry that would encourage, challenge, and equip other women to live authentic Christians lives. The Lord gave them the name of True View because it is only when we see life through the lens of God’s goodness and His Word that we can have a ‘true view’ of why we were created and how we can live a meaningful, purposeful life.

They began speaking at retreats and conferences and then the Lord opened up the door for them to host a Christian TV talk-show. They also shared the truth of God’s Word through blogs and in 2020 started their ‘Faith Your Fear’ weekly zoom calls.

Is it Time to Start Your Journey?

Julie and Jamie will equip you to live a life of faith through a Biblical worldview, the knowledge of God’s Word, and applying His Word into your life. Are you ready to grow your relationship with our amazing God?

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About Us

True View Ministries was founded with the mission to free God’s warriors from the fear, worry, and anxiety that prevents them from living their God created life.

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