Always Fearful, Worried & Anxious

Your Fear, Worry, and Anxiety Are Affecting Most of Your Life…Most of the Time…but There’s Hope!

Your fears, worries, or anxieties are clearly affecting most areas of your life, most of the time, and therefore they are robbing you of the joy-filled, peaceful, and significant life you were created to enjoy. You are almost certainly losing sleep, experiencing challenges in your relationships, and realizing other negative consequences that are likely impacting your finances; your productivity at home and/or work; as well as your mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being. 

Your Desire to Live Fear, Worry and Anxiety Free is Realistic and Achievable

The fact that you’ve come here tells us you have a need that we can help you to address. It tells us you want to be set free from what is holding you back from experiencing a joy-filled, faith-filled, abundant life.

Our mission is to support you in that mission.

We want to equip you to live a life that is truly free from worry, fear, and stress so you can have the peace and joy that you long to have, regardless of your circumstances. That may sound impossible for you to have. But it’s not!

It begins with a simple step, and you’ve taken that step by coming here. Many people– just like you– have been really glad they took that step too.

Have you ever considered what your fear, worry and anxiety costs you?

While many people may appear to have it ‘all figured out,’ when surveyed, the results show a very different reality. On average people spend:

  • 14.31 hours per week worrying

  • 744 hours worrying a year

  • 45,243 hours of worry in a lifetime

  • 1,885 days of worry in a lifetime

  • 5.2 years of worry

Around 45% of those studied admitted stress and worry had already directly affected their physical health, and this doesn’t begin to count the cost to their mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. Are you finally ready to stop feeling guilty, isolated, stressed, and burdened by your fear, worry or anxiety, and start enjoying a peaceful, productive and truth-filled life with the social and health benefits that go with it?

Hi, we’re Jamie and Julie and we want to personally welcome you and let you know we value you, we will listen to you, we’ve ‘got your back’, and we’ll encourage and equip you– but never judge you!

We know we can help you, because we’ve been where you are or know someone who has, and we have experienced first-hand the transformation that is possible!

We are confident that we can help you.

First, we have over 30 years of combined experience that will help you to identify the fears that are holding you back and what those worries are costing you in terms of healthy self-image, healthy relationships, mental clarity and focus, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, and overall productivity and successful living. Once those anxieties and their costs are identified, we equip you to confront and overcome those fears through our proven techniques that we have used in our own lives when faced with some of the following circumstances:

Fear of a life and limb threatening disease…worry for the safety of a child…fear of failure that arose from taking a great risk…people pleasing…comparison and fear of not ever being ‘good enough’…destructive thought and behavior patterns…fear of success and self-sabotaging behavior…troubled marriage and strained family relationships…unexpected job changes and loss…financial instability…risky investments…fear of rejection…performance anxiety…

And the list could go on and on of fears, worries, and anxieties we have had to learn to overcome, and we have. We now enjoy an abundant life that is filled with healthy relationships, inner peace and joy, and purposeful living! We know we can help you have that kind of life too!

Our professional backgrounds also have prepared us to help you become free of your worry, fear and anxiety. We both have degrees in communication, are certified life coaches, and achieved top ranking in a competitive sales industry where fear was always lurking and had to be overcome in order to experience success.

Testimonials from people we have mentored:

Clients we have worked with have told us that even after only one session they felt a burden had been lifted and that they had a new lease on life, a clear focus for their life, and freedom from anxiety, worry and fear that they hadn’t known in years!

Jamie and Julie are honest and loving. I feel very comfortable sharing my deep thoughts and struggles with them and trust that the wisdom they give is Godly and out of love. I never feel judged, which makes it more meaningful because I trust that what they say to me is genuine. ~ Dana, Pittsburgh, PA

“Before starting to work with Julie and Jamie, I knew my life was filled with anxiety, fear and worry. Even though I had been a Christian for decades and should have known better, I let the relentless cares of this world pummel me to the point of being anxious the majority of time, which even resulted in health challenges. In only one or two sessions with Julie and Jamie, I was greatly encouraged…My life has been transformed, and by God’s grace, I will not go back to my cycle of anxiety, fear and worry. With all my heart, thank you, Julie and Jamie!” ~ Carolyn, Baltimore, MD

I gained confidence in who I was in Christ. I procrastinated less and faced my fears & responsibilities more. ~ Giovanna, Pittsburgh, PA

If you are finally ready to be done with living with fear, worry or anxiety… 

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The call is a chance for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you so together we can determine how we can best help you. We want to assure you that you will have a friendly conversation free from judgment, pressure, or expectations from us. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions of us if you’d like. And best of all, you’ll receive personalized tips on how to begin living the life you desire! We look forward to hearing from you today! 

Are you feeling worried about even having a consultation call? It’s ok, we understand that too, contact us here and ask any question(s) you might have.

We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that you’re here, and we look forward to supporting you in achieving the stress-free, joy-filled, productive life you want to have. We’re excited about helping you to create the life you truly desire!

Passionate about helping others to live stress, worry, and fear FREE!

  Julie and Jamie

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