Faith and fear cannot co-exist. So, if you are full of fear, you can know that you are not walking in faith. And it is faith that pleases God and enables you to live a purposeful, joyful life. The Lord tells us in His Word that without faith, it is impossible to please Him (Hebrews 11:6). The concept of ‘walking in faith’ is found throughout the Bible, specifically in 2 Corinthians 5:7 where the apostle Paul states, “For we walk by faith, not by sight”, referring to our earthly lives. The admonition to  ‘fear not’ is in the Bible over 100 times, a command to be heeded by all who wish to ‘walk by faith’.

We know that Satan– whose goal is to separate us from God and others– will try to stir up fear in us so we distrust God and His unfailing Word. Satan is most definitely on the prowl in our day to tempt us to be fearful instead of faithful. God longs for you to know Him, and to believe the truth that by putting your wholehearted faith in Him you will be able to overcome your every unholy fear! ‘Fearing not’ and ‘walking by faith’ is the way to find a meaningful, abundant living. We are released from our fears and able to live by faith by hearing and believing God’s Word to us as recorded in the Bible.

 ‘Fear Not’ in the Bible

God knows our hearts and minds more than we know them because He is the One who ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ created us. He knows well all of our natural inclinations, including our proclivity to be fearful. He understands we are prone to fear for many different reasons. It may encourage you to know when you are feeling afraid that even God’s most faithful followers experienced fear.

Here are three examples of ‘fear not’ in the Bible and how others overcame their fears.

Fear of Something New or Strange

God understands we are prone to fear anything new or strange to us. Luke 2: 8-14 recounts the story of when the angel of the Lord suddenly, from ‘out of nowhere’ appeared to a group of shepherds to share the news of Jesus’ birth.

Can you imagine what it would be like if an angel suddenly appeared to you while you were going about your daily routine and activities? The angel knew that fear would be there, as well as your and my, natural response. He wanted to dispel their fear, so the very first thing he told the shepherds was to “fear not”; it was only after alleviating their fear that he shared the joyous news of Jesus’ birth. Believing it to be the trustworthy Word from the Lord, the shepherds left their fields and went to Bethlehem where they discovered with their own eyes the news the angel had shared was true. Because the shepherds were willing to ‘put legs to their faith,’ their ‘faith became sight’ and they got to be the first ones besides Mary and Joseph to witness the miracle of Jesus’ birth. Have you ever thought what they would’ve missed out on if they’d fed their fears and doubts and remained in the fields with the sheep instead of choosing to ‘walk in faith’ to Bethlehem? What might you be missing out on by fearing that which seems strange and new to you? Do you hear God saying to you, ‘feaar not’?

Walking in Faith with God

God will reassure us not to be afraid. He will give us direction in the way we should go so we can be confident it is Him who directs our path. When we choose to follow the Lord’s leading, our faith in Him and His Word will become sight and we too, like the shepherds, will marvel at the wonder of what He alone is able to do.

Fear of Things Our Finite Minds Can’t See a Way Around

In Numbers 13:1-33 – 14:1-10, twelve Israelite spies were sent to Canaan to determine the number of people dwelling there and whether they were strong or weak.  Ten of the spies were overwhelmed with fear when they saw the giants that were living in the land. They in turn stirred up fear among the other Israelites and caused them to doubt God’s promise that He had given the land to them.

In contrast, two of the twelve spies–Joshua and Caleb– reminded the Israelites that God had promised to give them the land and that He was with them so they could easily win the battle. Because they succumbed to their fear of the giants, 10 of the spies–and all of the Israelites they influenced– were forbidden to enter the Promised Land. However, because they chose to walk in faith in God and His unfailing Word, Joshua and Caleb pleased God and experienced the blessing of entering into the Promised Land. Their legacy of faithfulness has been recorded for the generations that have followed them. What will be your legacy? One of succumbing to fear, or of bold faith even in the face of giants?

Walking in Faith with God

When we are walking with God, He will assure us of His Presence and His almighty power. When we believe that God is with and for us, we can be confident that any obstacles we encounter that seem insurmountable to us are easily able to be overcome through the power of God!

Fear of Anyone We Think May Harm Us

One of the greatest prophets recorded in the Old Testament was Elijah. Even though he was used mightily by God and had been a party to many miraculous demonstrations of His power, Elijah became overwhelmed by fear when the wicked ruler Jezebel threatened him with death. Terrified by what she might do to him, he fled for his life into the wilderness

An angel of the Lord came to him and ministered to his bodily needs. More importantly, the Lord spoke to Elijah and reassured him that he was not alone; not only was He with Elijah, but He let him know that there were seven thousand other people in Israel who remained faithful to Him, the one true God (1 Kings 19:1-18). Are you afraid of others and what they might do to you, or are you totally confident that God is the only One Whom you need fear? Are you discouraged by the apostasy you see in this generation and think that you alone have faith in the Living God?

Walking in Faith with God

Even if we think and feel that we are alone, God is there, listening to and comforting us during those fearful moments. And He always has a faithful remnant of others who also put their faith in Him.

Believe God and His Word to you. Remember, ‘’fear not’, walk in faith, and your faith will indeed become sight!

Keep Your Faith in Front of You

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