Overcoming Fear with Words of Life

Jun 7, 2022 | Blogs

The power of life and death is in the tongue and God tells us that we have a choice between life & death…choose life.  This has an eternal meaning, as in, choose Jesus and have eternal life.  It also means we have a choice with what we say aloud, and what we think in any given situation.  This truth is great news, it means with your words you can speak faith and life over your fears.   

When you think of the future when you think of a big decision to need to make what is the first thought you think?  Is it positive or negative?  Are you speaking life or death over yourself and others?  Many people for fear of being disappointed, speak “death” over their situation so they will not be disappointed if the best option does not come to fruition.  What benefit is this really?  

For fear of being disappointed, instead, you determine you WILL be disappointed and therefore speak about your greatest fears as if they are certain.  This choice then fills you with worry and anxiety about this future reality you’ve created in your imagination.   This thought process is not beneficial.

In contrast, God commands us in Philippians 4:8 to focus on …whatever is true, whatever is noble, if anything is praise-worthy think upon these things… What if God were to keep His promises?   What is possible in that situation then?  Do you believe in God?  He is a promise-maker and a promise-keeper.  He is able to do more than you can hope or imagine even with incredibly low “odds.”   

If you believe in percentages or ‘odds’ of something happening over God’s Word, then you are following the ways of the world and have made an idol of “the odds.”  What benefit is it to focus on percentages and odds when we have a God who’s able to do the impossible?  Our God specializes in small chances.

When I first learned to stop and capture my thoughts it was very hard at first.  I had created highways that led down certain paths in my mind.  Over time with consistent effort, negative thought patterns can be rewired.  It is possible to renew your mind.  You may need to do this every day, or every 10-minutes.  One thing I learned is certain…I had to replace the negative thoughts with a positive thoughts.  There must be an exchange.

For the sake of example, let’s say you’re afraid that because of inflation you won’t be able to pay for your kids to go to a Christian school anymore.  You may say or think something like, “With everything costing so much more we’ll never be able to afford to keep our kids in this Christian school.  When they go to the other school, I’m worried my kids are going to become friends with kids who are drinking, vaping, having sex and don’t know God and with all that pressure my kids are going to be led down a path of destruction.”  

If God allows you to be in a position that you are no longer able to afford a Christian education, you could speak life into this same situation by choosing to speak life.  An example may sound something like “ God you are able to do more than I can hope or imagine, and I trust You.  I know that you want what’s best for my children and you can make good come from all things, including my children going to a school where teachers, students and their parents do not know you.  I trust God that You will lead and guide my children to make a positive impact for Your Word in that place.  I know you are a good God and you want the best for my children.  You love them more than I do.  Thank you God for being strong when I’m weak, and increasing my faith for what you can do in this situation.”

Above are two very different thought patterns, one pleases God (without faith it is impossible to please God), and one does not.  One will bless you and those around you and the other will not.

God is in the business of making ALL things good for those who love Him!  (Romans 8:28).

What thought pattern do you need to pattern after God’s promises v. your worries?

Ask God to transform your mind and lead you into the truth of your situation according to His promises, way, and character.   

Today, we can choose to speak life in Jesus’ name.


  1. Scotty Howell

    Fantastic perspective for these times!!!!

  2. Nannette Silvernail

    Reminding myself who God is has been the greatest game changer in my mental framework in scary times of unknown future. When I’m asking, “How in the world…?” I remind myself that He created every intricacy of the world, so He certainly can handle a few tweaks for my good and His glory. I also try to remain wary when I’m stuck in the “there are only 2 ways this could go” mentality. Maybe my narrow, fearful perspective can only imagine 2 outcomes, but God’s a god of the 3rd, completely unexpected outcome. I love to be surprised by Him. I’ve taken to praying thanks for His next surprise in my life or in the lives of those I’m praying for. (No surprise to God, of course.)
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder and example of how to shift to a “remembering” perspective when we’re in a “forgetting” perspective.


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