Clients we have worked with have told us that even after only one session they felt a burden had been lifted and that they had a new lease on life, a clear focus for their life, and freedom from anxiety, worry and fear that they hadn’t known in years!

“During our times together I was able to reflect on my purpose and place in the Kingdom. It allowed me to be vulnerable with women that I trusted to give me wise counsel without fear of judgement. During our times of mentorship I was able to step out in faith and see how God was moving and hear words of wisdom spoken directly into my circumstances and my specific fears and worries. It was a time of growth and reflection with guidance and encouragement.” ~Marci, Pittsburgh, PA

“Here’s a visual of this girl conquering her fear of highways! Drove alone today!! So glad you helped me overcome this fear, it has changed my life!” ~Angela, Pittsburgh, PA (originally this testimony was sent with a photo which we are not sharing for her privacy, but we are thrilled to hear about her success after just three sessions with us!)

“Jamie and Julie are honest and loving. I feel very comfortable sharing my deep thoughts and struggles with them and trust that the wisdom they give is Godly and out of love. I never feel judged, which makes it more meaningful because I trust that what they say to me is genuine.” ~ Dana, Pittsburgh, PA

“Before starting to work with Julie and Jamie, I knew my life was filled with anxiety, fear and worry. Even though I had been a Christian for decades and should have known better, I let the relentless cares of this world pummel me to the point of being anxious the majority of time, which even resulted in health challenges. In only one or two sessions with Julie and Jamie, I was greatly encouraged…My life has been transformed, and by God’s grace, I will not go back to my cycle of anxiety, fear and worry. With all my heart, thank you, Julie and Jamie!” – Carolyn ~ Baltimore, MD

“I gained confidence in who I was in Christ. I procrastinated less and faced my fears & responsibilities more.” ~ Giovanna, Pittsburgh, PA