I went to bed last night with conviction and grief in my heart. I did not personally watch the VMA’s to see all that ensued that night, but naturally Facebook was blowing up with things about Miley Cyrus. I looked at one and it showed all the strange moments in her performance (clearly with sarcasm and showing how people thought she was crazy). The way that the post was written was rather humorous, and I found myself smirking. Then, the Lord totally convicted me. God reminded me that Miley is someone created in His image [Genesis 1:27]. She is someone created. God took the time to let her be on this earth, and just like every human, He calls her to Himself. Whether she hears His call or not is not up to me; but I need to see worth in her. In every celebrity that we see who we think acts ridiculous, let us remember that they have worth in God’s eyes. 

    So I challenge you as I have now been challenged: when you see things like what Miley did, do not make the person the butt of your joke, mock them, judge them, or even glorify things that are sinful with laughter. Fight for that person! Show them the love that you have been shown, Christian. Who is to say you would not act the exact same way if you did not know the grace of God? We are to heed the Word of the Lord and love others as ourselves. [Matthew 22:36-40]. Why do we laugh or mock people instead of grieve over their pain and fight for them in prayer? Do we not know that God is at work everywhere and that we get to be a part of His work, even when we might never meet the person who is the object of our prayer? Prayer is powerful! 


    We put celebrities on a pedestal, and then we pull them down. They are constantly surrounded by people who are looking to make sure they are perfect 24/7; that they do charity work; work-out; be good role models; etc. Yet, we do not know these people at all. We expect much of them, yet how much do we support them? As the Lord led me to pray specifically for Miley, He brought to my mind a picture of the Gladiators in the Roman times. One day the crowd can be cheering for you and wishing you to be the one to survive, however, if you don’t entertain them enough or someone better comes along then the crowd cries out for your blood. Do we not fuel the madness before us?

     Brothers and Sisters, let us come and fight for these human beings that have value. Let us desire that their eyes be opened to true freedom and the knowledge that they have purpose [Romans 10:11 Timothy 2:1-6Acts 26:18]. They were meant to be reflections of God! So let us reflect the love of Christ and change the way we speak about everyone— whether celebrity or acquaintance— and fight for them in earnest prayer, desiring their good; seeing their worth; and praying that God would open their eyes. 

     Let us reflect Christ and desire that others would know the joy, hope, and freedom in being His reflection. 

Guest blog by Elizabeth