Ok, so I admit, I’m a list maker.  I enjoy making lists, reviewing my list and especially checking things off the list.  I remember a co-worker years ago making fun of my lists.  It wasn’t so much that she was laughing at my making a list, but in the fact that I used a thick Sharpie marker to completely “kill” the task once it was finished, instead of putting a little check-mark next to it or thin line through it!
Sometimes I realize that in my desire to be productive, I’m not at the same time prayerful.

Occasionally, I will put things on my list that need to be done but if I was honest with myself; I know are not going to get done, like: organize the attic.  I know that this needs to be done; however, I also know that I’m not going to get to it this week.  I’ve been more mindful that I should not add something to the list unless I actually intend to accomplish it that day/week.

So what about you?  Are you a list maker?


(You will know you are if in seeing this picture you are tempted to begin writing things on the lines!)

I have found that when I do this 1 thing, often times my list of things to do can be shortened.  What is this 1 thing?


Because I enjoy being productive I can sometimes forget this all important prayer time over my “to-do” list.  Sure, I pray about friends, family, my church, and other needs.  I pray to just talk to God, but I have found that I often do not pray as I’m writing out that list.  I’m not praying as I’m checking things off.  When I do; however, the load is often lightened or the list is changed completely.

I remember a time when I prayed over my list and sensed that I was to spend some time with a woman who needed guidance instead of cleaning the house that day (Yes, it didn’t take much convincing!).  I called her and we met for lunch.  When I returned home my babysitter said she had some extra time while my young son took a nap so she cleaned the house!  What?!  She had never done this before.  It was a fresh reminder that when we care about our Father’s business, He will help us with the other “business” that needs to be done!  God took my “To-Do” list and made it a “Ta-Da” List when He accomplished things on my behalf in a way only He can!

God will help us accomplish all that He asks us to do.  Jesus never ran anywhere in a hurry.  We never see Jesus in a panic, or stressed by all that He had to accomplish.  God says that his yolk is easy and his burden is light.  Is your “to-do” list a heavy burden?  Then, it’s not from God.  Pray over the things that currently take-up your time, and allow God to help you write your “to-do” lists from now on, then watch for the “ta-da” when God shows up to help you accomplish more than you thought possible.

Has God ever reorganized your list during prayer time?

Written by Jamie Shaver