What can we do to earn God’s love? That never works when we try to transfer our human ways of earning love and rewards to the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are His ways higher than ours! Praise God!

He loves because He loves. He does not love because of anything, it’s who He is, it is His very nature. He does not change. God is Good!


John 3:16 in BOLD below says it all: words in brackets added for emphasis of God’s great love.

For God {the greatest good}

so loved {the greatest action}

the world {the greatest need}

that He gave {the greatest example}

His only begotten Son, {the greatest sacrifice}*

that whoever {the greatest invitation}

believes in Him {the greatest response}

should not perish {the greatest horror}

but have everlasting life {the greatest gift}.

*note that God did not give out of His surplus. He gave the only limited thing He had….Himself.

I pray that today you are certain you have accepted this invitation to believe in His son, and receive the gift of eternal life. How have you experienced God’s love?

Written by Jamie Shaver

To see the above bracketed phrases in a mini-movie by Igniter Media: click here