We were visiting my husband’s family in WV, when Grandma came out of the house and announced that she had contacted everyone in the will and asked them to come over and put a sticker with their name on every item they wanted when she died.
“If you weren’t asked to do this; well, then your name isn’t in the will” she said plainly.  It’s true, Grandma does not mince words, she’s a ‘say it like it is’ kind of lady.


(Grandma at her 90th Birthday party.)

I was a bit shocked, I had never heard of anyone doing this.  It made me think of what it means to be an heir.  If you weren’t invited over, you weren’t in the will and there will not be an inheritance for you.  Of course, I had to think about this from a biblical perspective.

Biblically speaking, I’ve been adopted, my name is in the “Lamb’s book of Life” (God’s will) and God is now my Father and I’ve been made co-heirs with Christ.  Christ owns everything! Heb. 1:2 Everything that belongs to Christ now also belongs to me…and you if you’ve been born again!  Rev. 21:7. That would be a lot of “sticker sharing” if we were at Grandma’s house.

Praise God that He is our Father, He alone has made us an heir.  He is rich in all things and through Christ has adopted us and calls us sons and daughters.  Christ Jesus is willing to share the inheritance with us!  Any price we must pay in this world for being a follower of Christ is nothing compared to the glory we will inherit for eternity.  Now that’s a big inheritance.  Amen!

 Written by Jamie Shaver