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Jan 21, 2022 | Devotionals

Fear often comes out of nowhere. One moment you’re enjoying sipping your coffee or leisurely walking your dog or you’re just sitting at a stop light when all of sudden you’re overcome by a thought that makes you anxious or fearful. Heat may flush your cheeks. You might even feel the knot in your stomach tighten. Your heart may race and you may find it a struggle to breathe normally. 

In an instant, dark thoughts — fear, worry, anxiety — can invade your mind and lead to a downward spiral designed to keep you from looking up and focusing your thoughts upon Jesus, the Light of the World Who can shine forth in the midst of the darkness and overcome it.

It can be hard to escape those alarming moments in your life. But God has two special weapons He has given to you to defeat your every fear and anxiety: His Word and prayer. 

Reading the Bible and talking with God are two of the most powerful weapons you can use to overcome the stress and panic that inevitably come your way as faith warriors in this fallen world. So we’ve developed a simple tool that combines both weapons that you can use every day so you can live victoriously. 

These Cards Are Stacked in Your Favor

Faith Your Fear Scripture & Prayer Cards are a handy tool that will help you know the faithful character of God, which is revealed in His Word; knowing Him will give you hope and encouragement, and believing His Word will enable you to be set free from your fears and worries. On one side of the cards are scripture verses, and on the other side is a prayer based upon the scripture that illustrates how to pray God’s Word. Once you learn to turn to God’s Word and to exercise the spiritual discipline of praying God’s Word” when fear arises, you will be equipped to overcome your fear. You will gain assurance that God is always with you, that He hears and understands your heart’s cry, and you will be confident that you can trust His lavish, unfailing love and almighty power to deliver you out of or through every circumstance you will face in life.

We’ve experienced the transforming power of God’s Word for ourselves, and we’ve seen it positively impact the lives of countless others as well. That’s why we created these cards — to give spiritual warriors like you an easy but highly effective tool to use to combat your fear and anxiety. 

This 52-card deck is like a portable, easy-to-use Bible study that will help you to keep your faith vibrant day after day. It comes with:

  • 26 cards with Bible verses about faith on one side and a prayer using that scripture on the reverse side.
  • 26 cards with scripture addressing fear, worry and anxiety on one side and a prayer using those passages on the other side.
  • A sturdy acrylic carrying case so you can take the set with you wherever you go.

Fighting Everyday Anxiety

These scripture and prayer cards will help you keep your mind fixed on God’s Word so you’ll always be ready to tap into the power of God’s promises. There are a variety of ways you can use the cards to help you combat fear, worry, and anxiety. Choose one– or all– of the ideas below and you’ll be ready for God to empower you with the truth of His life-changing Word: 

  • Use the deck all at once, or focus on just one card at a time. Don’t overthink it; simply ask God to guide you each time you use the cards. 
  • Use one card a week–52 cards for 52 weeks of the year–and read it daily throughout the week, praying the corresponding prayer on the back of the card.
  • Place the deck on your dinner table and have each member of your family choose a card to read, discuss the verse, and share aloud the prayer during your meal times. 
  • Place a card on your fridge, bathroom mirror, in your car or wallet, or anywhere you’re likely to come across it during your daily routine. This is a great way to build a habit of turning to the Bible and prayer throughout each day. 
  • Use them as flashcards for you– or family members– to help memorize the verses and/or prayers that encourage you the most. 
  • Take the cards with you to work, pulling one out at the top of each hour to keep yourself in a spiritual warrior’s mindset and ready to combat fear and anxiety at any moment. 
  • Use them on mission trips or ministry outings to equip you to help others combat their worries and stress. 
  • Keep a deck handy when going to the dentist, doctor, flying, interviewing for a job, or any other possible situation that might be a source of anxiety for you. 
  • Give a card to a friend or colleague who may be experiencing stressful circumstances in their life. 
  • Whenever you send a birthday, thank you, sympathy, or holiday card to someone, include one of the scripture and prayer cards to encourage and uplift them.
  • Have one or more extra card decks on hand to give a set to others as God leads you. 

Help the Warriors Around You

We all know someone who needs the power of God’s Word in their life. Take advantage of the Faith Your Fear Scripture & Prayer Cards to share the truth of the Bible with those who truly need it — which isn’t that everyone we know?!

Just about anyone can benefit from these inspiring cards. Consider handing them out to family members, co-workers, and kids and teens. You might even consider how you can bless frontline workers — store clerks, medical workers, police officers, flight attendants, or other professionals whose jobs can be particularly stressful. 

Find Comfort and Encouragement … Right Now

If fear and anxiety are taking a toll on your ability to enjoy life and grow closer to God, don’t miss the opportunity to let scripture and prayer help you overcome those stressful feelings. Get your Faith Your Fear Scripture & Prayer Cards from True View Ministries today and start finding the peace and tranquility you need every day. 


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