Confronting Christian Women’s Issues: A Biblical Twist

Feb 2, 2022 | Devotionals

Never underestimate the women of the Bible. More importantly, never underestimate the God of the Bible! 

It’s a fact that men dominate the majority of stories in Scripture. Which is understandable given that the Bible was written by God through men, in a male-dominated society. Perhaps, at first glance, Scripture doesn’t seem to be the best source for a woman to turn to for encouragement and support. That’s in part because most people base their opinion of God’s view of women on what other people say rather than what the Bible shows to be true: God loves and honors women–as He does men– in fact, He is the One Who elevated the status of women in a time when they were typically treated like property. 

 An in-depth reading of the Bible reveals unexpected truths about the issues women faced in Biblical times, and when we approach God’s Word with our eyes wide open, we see that those women faced challenges that aren’t unlike what we experience in the twenty-first century:

  • Eve, often blamed for the downfall of humanity, was indeed deceived by Satan, but  Adam was equally– or more– responsible for the ‘fall of man’ because he didn’t assume the leadership role God had assigned him. She suffered not only shame from her decision to heed Satan’s words rather than God’s Word, but also the heartbreak of the death of her son Abel at the hands of her other son Cain, which in turn led to Cain’s banishment from the land where they lived. Following these tragic losses, God gave Eve another son Seth, from whose lineage the Promised Messiah would come, as well as other sons and daughters. Eve had the joy of knowing God intimately and His love for her, both before and after ‘the fall’.
  • Sarai–later named Sarah by God– left everything she had and the only world she knew to follow her husband Abram into an unknown country where they would be foreigners. She submitted to Abraham’s request that she lie to protect him by saying she was his sister rather than his wife, which resulted in her being taken into King Abimelech’s harem. However, God protected her from being violated by the king. She suffered the stigma of being barren in a culture where children were considered to be a sign of blessing. She longed for a child, but had to wait 99 years before the realization of that desire, and received from God the miracle gift of Isaac, the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham.
  • Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant, was given by her mistress to Abraham for the purpose of bearing him a child, because Sarah became impatient for God to fulfill His promise to Abraham to give him a son. Once pregnant, Hagar flaunted her pregnancy and therefore was maligned and mistreated by her mistress and ‘abandoned’ by Abraham. Fleeing her abusive mistress, Hagar went to the desert discouraged and depressed, but that is where she discovered God as ‘the One Who sees me’ and Who gave her the promise that she would bear a son and her offspring would be multiplied.
  • Rahab, who most biblical scholars believe was a prostitute, would’ve been on the bottom rung of the ‘social status ladder’ of her day. She was willing to risk her life to save two Israelite spies because she had heard of their God, feared Him, and believed Him to be the true God. She lied to her townspeople to protect the spies, and obeyed the Israelites’ instruction to place a red cord outside her window. As a result of her faith and obedience, she and her entire family alone were saved when Jericho was destroyed by the Israelites. Although a former prostitute and gentile, not only did her faith save her, but it and God’s gracious Hand led to her becoming part of the lineage of the Promised Messiah Jesus.  
  • Hannah was also barren in a culture where children were prized and considered a sign of blessing. One day while fervently praying for a child, the priest Eli falsely accused her of being drunk. Despite that priest not understanding her desperate plea, God heard Hannah’s heart’s desire and granted her a child, whom she willingly gave back to God by dedicating his life to service at the temple with the same priest who had accused her of drunkenness. God raised her son to be the well-respected and beloved prophet and priest Samuel who led Israel during a critical period in its history.
  • Deborah, a fiery woman who shined as a leader when the men around her shrank in fear, was an influential, wise and godly judge–the only female judge of Israel– as well as prophetess, military leader, songwriter, poet, and minstrel.  Despite all of her gifts and abilities, she was humble as well and God used her to defeat Jabin, the leader of who had oppressed Israel for 20 years. Her faithful rule and obedience to God led to 40 years of peace for the Israelites. 
  • Esther, hailed as a courageous heroine–which she was– was also a young woman who was seized from her home, taken to the king’s harem, and put in a position where her life was totally at the mercy of a powerful man. In addition, as a Jew in a pagan, gentile culture where Jews were discriminated against, it was unwise for her to make her ethnicity known so she lived ‘in cognito’ in the harem until the time when the fact that she was a Jew had to be revealed. God used her as His vessel through which he would bring salvation to His chosen people, the Jews, as well as retribution to His and their enemies, the Amalekites. 
  • Mary Magdalene was demon-possessed before Jesus came into her life; He did what no one else could do for her–He delivered her out of bondage to Satan and sin and gave her freedom in Him. Although looked down upon as ‘less than’ by the muckety-mucks of her culture, she was a devoted follower of Jesus and among a very select group who enjoyed the privilege of being in Jesus’ ‘inner circle’ while He walked on earth. He honored her andalso demonstrated his respect for women by choosing to appear to her before anyone else after His resurrection, entrusting her to share the ‘good news’ with the disciples.  

All these women — and many other women from the Bible — encountered deep and complex issues that aren’t all that different from modern times.

  • Have you experienced family conflicts? 
  • Have you ever faced a tragic loss of a loved one? 
  • Ever felt you had no choice but to submit to an authority figure in your life who asked you to do something you knew you shouldn’t? 
  • Have you longed for something you know is  a ‘good thing’–perhaps for a child or the return of a prodigal–and had that desire unfulfilled, or had to wait a long, long time for its fulfillment?  Ever felt that you had no control over your life, that you were at the mercy of another’s decision-making? 
  • Or, have you ever felt like an outcast and misunderstood by those around you because of your gender, social status, ethnicity, or color of your skin? 
  • Maybe even misunderstood by a religious leader who you  thought would be the one person you could trust? 
  • Perhaps as an assertive leader, you’ve felt overlooked by men and waited for God to give you the opportunity to prove your talents, abilities, and faithfulness. 
  • Or, are you one who’d been in the grip of Satan and had an encounter with Jesus that changed the trajectory and quality of your life?

Today’s Issues Facing Christian Women

Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rahab, Hannah, Deborah,Esther, Mary Magdalen, and so many others in the Bible — the named and the unnamed — suffered from varying degrees of stress. We share a common thread with our sisters from history: the temptation to define ourselves by our circumstances and what others think of us, which often and can easily lead to fear, worry, and anxiety. 

Just like the women of today. 

A quick web search for contemporary Christian women’s issues reveals themes commonly associated with females: marriage, kids, and friendship. Even a deeper dig mostly uncovers variations of the same topics. The implication? Women care mostly about relational issues, and their roles in life are generally defined by their connection to other people. 

What’s harder to find are topics addressing more “controversial” subject matter such as leadership, sexuality, careers, and mental health. And yet these are topics that an increasing number of women say they’re wrestling with nowadays. 

Like the women of the Bible, there’s one thing all these topics have in common: they can be regular sources of fear, worry, and anxiety for women. Whether a woman aspires to be a CEO or a stay-at-home homemaker, there are challenges that will invariably be a part of the paths they might follow. 

Turning to God for Christian Women’s Issues

Where does God fit into all this? 

God is the beginning and the end to dealing with fear and anxiety in a healthy, productive way. That’s why True View Ministries exists: to help women conquer their fear, worry, and anxiety through the power and love of God. To help women remember that they, too, are God’s warriors, equipped with God’s mighty weapons and defenses. 

We’re not afraid to tackle the tough topics facing women, and we know that God’s Word is the  source of truth that should be used to address any subject. We believe God has given women the power and the tenacity to overcome their fear, and we take a positive, uplifting approach that any woman can benefit from. 

So how can you rely on God to help you deal with women’s issues? 

Here’s one practice that works well for us: Re-read stories in the Bible that highlight the women characters, and as you do, try to see, hear, and feel their stories from their perspective. Try to understand what these ladies were thinking, the emotions they must have been feeling, and the ways they responded to their circumstances. And most of all notice how God showed up in their lives to assure them of His loving Presence, that He heard the cries of their heart, and how He faithfully provided for them and demonstrated His love for them. Be assured that the God of the Bible Who was with those women is the same God Who is with you and He will provide for your every need too as you seek after Him and put your faith in Him.  

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