Resurrection Day Prayer

Apr 14, 2022 | Prayers

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the lavish love that You have for me and that You demonstrated by sending your beloved Son Jesus to Earth to give His perfect life in exchange for my life while I was yet a sinner. (Romans 5:8) Jesus, thank You for coming to earth to lay down your life so that I — and all who put their faith in your atoning death on the cross and Your resurrection from the dead — may be restored to fellowship with Our Heavenly Father.

Thank You, Jesus, for being obedient even to the point of humbling Yourself and enduring the rejection, humiliation, abandonment, and excruciating physical pain and suffering of dying a horrific death on a cross, a death that I deserved to die due to my sin against You, a holy, righteous God. 

Thank You for being willing to be forsaken by Your Heavenly Father Who could not look upon You on the cross because You became what He hates — sin — and as the “perfect Lamb of God” paid the death penalty for sin that I and all of the humankind deserved. My heart bursts with gratitude and love for You for coming to earth to show me “the Way” to the Father, testify to “the Truth,” and give me abundant and eternal life through faith in You!!! 

I adore and worship You, the One and Only True and Living God! I acknowledge that I can never repay You for all that You have given to me in place of the death that I deserved. Thank You for taking my sin upon Yourself and, in its place, clothing me with Your garments of righteousness! Thank You for giving me the priceless gift of the Holy Spirit, Who is now alive and at work in me. I have all I need because I have You Who loves me, is with me, and is in me! 

In place of meaninglessness, I have been given a purpose by You, my Creator, and the power to accomplish Your will through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Instead of being aimless and alone, I have the Holy Spirit indwelling me, Who leads and guides me and will never leave or forsake me. Instead of living in lawlessness, You have given me commands for my good that provide guidance and protect me. Instead of being a “slave to sin,” I have been set free to be a “slave to righteousness.”

In place of fear, You have given me Your perfect peace. I have found rest for my soul in You in place of striving. Instead of lack, I have the assurance of provision for my every need. Instead of anger, I can have patience through You. In place of bitterness and resentment, I can forgive others because You have graciously forgiven me. 

I am comforted and can even rejoice during trials, tribulation, and suffering in place of mourning. In place of estrangement from You, I can have intimacy with You, the Lover of my soul. In place of despair, I have hope in the One Who has overcome the world and given me the power to overcome. 

In place of isolation and loneliness, You have become my “friend Who sticks closer than a brother,” and You’ve also given me the gift of fellowship with other believers who encourage me and spur me on to do the works You’ve created me to do. Finally, in place of selfishness, by You first loving me, You have shown me what true, sacrificial love is and empowered me to love others as You have loved me. 

In place of hell and the damnation that I deserved due to my sin, You have showered me with lavish love, mercy, and grace that have led to abundant living here on earth. And the sure promise of eternal life in Your presence where death and pain will be no more, and where there will be the fullness of joy and pleasures forever. 

I love You more than my words can express, Lord, and I choose to follow You all of the days of my life and live for Your glory, which is my greatest joy! Amen.


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