A Prayer for Teachers and Administration

Aug 27, 2022 | Prayers

Lord, please give the Christian teachers and administrators all that You know they need to oversee and instruct the students whose precious lives have been entrusted to them. May they recognize the reality that each student has been created by You, in Your glorious image, and for Your purpose and pleasure. May they have wisdom and discernment, love for the truth and love for their students, so that above all else they will desire what is best for their students, which is training them in truth and righteousness. Give them the physical strength and stamina and mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness they need so they won’t ‘grow weary in well-being’. (Galatians 6:9) 

Give them the willingness and the fortitude to stand up against the lies of the culture that seek to permeate our educational system. Grant to them supernatural discernment regarding such things as Critical Race Theory; Social-Emotional Learning; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and the teaching in the schools about sexuality and sexual orientation so they won’t be deceived by what may sound ‘good’, but will bear rotten fruit in the lives of their students. Give them the strength to persevere in whatever setting You have placed them, for as  long as You have them there, and may all that they do be done as unto You, their Savior and Lord. May they know that if You are for them, who  can be against them?(Romans 8:31) Consume them with the holy fear of You, and release them from all fear of man. Give them the boldness and courage that You gave Joshua and Caleb so they too can withstand the pressure of those around them who don’t faith in You. 

Grant Christian administrators and teachers favor with the administrators and teachers who don’t know You, and the boldness to share the truth of the gospel with them. Open the eyes of the teachers who do not know You so that they will know the truth that alone will set them free from every lie. May they come to know You, the One Whose love is indeed better than life itself. (Psalm 63:3) Enlighten those who have an agenda other than Your good for their students. Transform their hearts and minds, and if You know they won’t change, remove them from the schools where they are teaching or serving as administrators so that they are not a stumbling block to the children and thus bring judgment upon themselves. Turn them from being like Saul who persecuted Christians, into Pauls who will live fully for Your purpose no matter the personal cost! I pray all this in the Name of Jesus, Whose will is perfect and for Whom nothing is impossible! Amen.

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