4th of July Prayer

Jul 1, 2022 | Prayers

Lord, as we celebrate the 246th anniversary of our nation’s Declaration of Independence from England, we want to thank You for the many years of liberty we have enjoyed in this nation. We also want to thank You for the willingness of our Founding Fathers who pledged their ‘lives, fortunes, and sacred honor’, so that we could have these liberties that most throughout the world and throughout the ages have never experienced. Thank You for inspiring our forefathers to use the Bible as the foundational document for writing our extraordinary, world-admired Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Having our founding based upon Your divine intervention and Your Word has led to the United States being considered the ‘city on the hill’, the ‘bastion of freedom for the world’ for so many years!

Lord, we acknowledge our failure to teach the subsequent generations the historical context of our nation’s birth, the original intent of our founding fathers, and the rationale behind the words they included in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We are reaping the consequences of our failure. We ask You to forgive us for not teaching the generations that followed that there are responsibilities which they must assume—not just ‘rights and privileges to enjoy’— if we’re to preserve the liberties our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives for us to enjoy. Let us remember that the Word is true that, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’. Therefore, may we as parents, grandparents, and as taxpayers be found faithful to learn for ourselves and teach our children and all citizens our nation’s history and the fundamentals of our Constitution. (Hosea 4:6)
Our hearts are grieved that our nation that was founded upon Biblical  principles and ideals has informally declared ‘independence’ from You ‘on our watch’. We recognize that we as United States citizens have been blessed by Your hand and enjoyed liberty and prosperity as have no other people in the world or in history.

We know that is because we acknowledged You and based our Constitution upon the self-evident truth that You are our Creator Who has endowed us with certain ‘inalienable rights’. Lord, forgive us for turning our backs on You and Your righteous and just commands! We’ve ceased to be a great nation because we are no longer a godly nation! In our pride we’ve assumed our blessings would continue, even if we turned our backs on You and forsook the commands You gave to protect us. Lord, forgive us for forsaking You and Your commands! Please work in our hearts to turn them wholeheartedly back to You! 

Thank You for Your divine intervention in the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling that overturned the travesty of Roe v. Wade! May the recent Supreme Court ruling encourage us not to grow weary in well doing!  May the ruling increase our fervor to be even more vigilant to stand up for truth and righteousness; to stand in the gap for the vulnerable and oppressed; and even more faithful to pray against power and laws that violate Your will and commands.

We declare that You are the God Who is able to do the Impossible! We ask You to forgive us for allowing this abomination in our land for 49 years. We know that the bloodshed of the innocent defiles a land, and we confess that we have grossly defiled our land with the death of over 63 million babies who were legally murdered due to Roe v. Wade.  Father, forgive us for presuming that You would continue to bless us as a nation when we have ignored that You are the Giver of Life and that everyone who takes a life will be held accountable for that murder. We thank You that by faith in You we may receive forgiveness of our sin! May this year ahead—the Jubilee Year following 49 years of legalized abortion—be a year of cleansing and restoration of our land! Turn the rebellious hearts of those who are rallying against the ruling toward You. May they come to know You as the Creator of their bodies and the Lover of their Soul! May they understand that no one’s body is their own. May they understand the joy that everyone was knit together in their mother’s womb by You, and created for Your good pleasure, not their own selfish pleasure. Oh, Lord, forgive us of our rebellious hearts, the bloodshed of Your children, and heal this land as only You can!
Lord, we are grieved to acknowledge that we are living in the days described in Romans 1:18- 32. 

Forgive us for our ungodliness and unrighteousness against You, a Holy God. Your divine nature and eternal power are evident through Your Creation and have been known throughout history; we acknowledge we’re without excuse for not worshipping You. Many in this nation have chosen to suppress the truth of Who You are, and rather than submitting to Your will, they’ve chosen to ‘do what is right in their own eyes’. That has led to futile thinking and darkened hearts. Since they don’t see fit to acknowledge You as God, You’ve done as You said You would: You’ve given them over to their lustful desires, dishonorable passions, and to a debased mind. Forgive us that America— once known throughout the world and respected as a ‘Christian’ nation— has especially dishonored and misrepresented You by embracing and even celebrating what You consider sexual perversion and an abomination. Forgive us for such things as lighting up our White House in the colors of the rainbow as a celebration of the legalization of homosexual marriage in 2015, and by flying the LGBT Pride flag at US Embassies throughout the world. Forgive us for flaunting a beautiful symbol You gave to us to remind us that You would be merciful to Your people and never again flood the earth. You have commanded us to hate what you hate and to love what You love; forgive us for tolerating— and even celebrating— that which is an abomination to You! May we love those who have been taken captive by this and every sin, and yet be bold and never refrain from speaking the truth about sin’s destructive nature and its deadly consequences.

We acknowledge that we are a nation deeply divided and rapidly falling apart at the seams. We are reaping what we have sown due to our turning away from You and Your good commands. We’ve been taken over by corruption at all levels of our government; ‘good is being called evil and evil’s being called good’; there’s blatant immorality in our media and entertainment; spiraling debt and historic inflation; extreme lawlessness throughout the land; enemies on the outside and enemies on the inside; a broken educational system that is indoctrinating students of all ages in both public and private schools in unholy thinking and sexual perversions. 

Father, we ask You to forgive us of our sin of turning away from You and Your commands that has produced such ‘rotten fruit’ in our nation.We are desperate for Your divine intervention, Lord! Forgive us for the multitude of sins our nation has committed against You, the One and Only, True and Living God! Break our hearts over that which breaks Yours! The only hope for our nation is to be found in turning away from our sin and turning back to You and obeying Your commands! Lord, we ask that You would humble the hearts of Your people; stir up in our hearts the zeal, urgency and faithfulness to pray; to seek Your face; and to turn away from our wicked ways! 

Lord, we recognize there is a day coming— and we may well be there very soon— when all of the nations of the world will join together and conspire against You. We who know You can rejoice in knowing that Your victory is sure because You triumphed over Satan and all evil when You gave Your life as an atoning sacrifice for our sin by dying the death we deserved on the cross! We who know You await with joy and anticipation the arrival of our soon coming ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’! You alone know where we are on the time clock of history. Prepare us to stand firm in our faith no matter what lies ahead. Help us to keep our focus upon You and upon our eternal citizenship in Heaven! However, until then, may we be found faithful to be faithful citizens of this earthly home You’ve entrusted to our care and ‘occupy until You come’! Please give to us in our day the same supernatural strength You gave to our Founding Fathers who pledged their ‘lives, fortunes, and sacred honor’ to stand for truth and righteousness! And, may we be like them and faithfully fight for liberty for the generations to come, no matter the cost! Keep our eyes, minds and hearts fixed upon You at all times. Empower us by Your strength to do with excellence all that You’ve created and called us to do! We pray all of this in the Majestic and Powerful Name that is above every name, the Name of Jesus, our Savior and Lord!


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