Memorial Day Prayer 

May 26, 2022 | Prayers

Lord, as I celebrate this Memorial Day I want to thank You for the privilege I have because I am a citizen of the United States of America. Thank You for the freedoms I enjoy because others have been willing to pay the price to fight for— and even give their lives— so I can experience liberty in this nation. Thank you for the men and women who over the centuries have obeyed the call to leave their families and homes to take up arms to defend our God-given freedoms. Thank You for instilling in them a sense of duty and love for their country and fellow citizens that led them to be willing to make sacrifices to serve in our nation’s military. Forgive me for so often taking their sacrifices and the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution for granted. Forgive me for my complacency, and for not fulfilling my responsibility to continue to work to ensure that the freedoms others sacrificed for me to have will continue to be available for this and succeeding generations. Help me to remember that freedom is never free; it always comes at a cost to someone. May I take the time to read and understand the rights and responsibilities laid out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights for which people have been willing to sacrifice their lives to protect; may I remember that what is true of Your Word is also true of our Constitution that was based upon Your Word—‘my people perish for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6) May I have the courage to fulfill the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me as a citizen of this nation, and to do whatever is necessary to preserve the liberties You have entrusted to me and to our nation, regardless of what sacrifice might be required of me.

More importantly, may I always remember that my greatest allegiance that supersedes all others is to You, Jesus, my Savior, and Lord! May I know the greatest freedom I have is the freedom from the power and penalty of sin. Thank You, Jesus, for being willing to obey Your Heavenly Father and leave the glories of Heaven to come to Earth to die the death I deserved because of my sin so that I could have abundant and eternal life. Thank You that no matter the nation where I live or the people in the leadership of that nation, my true freedom is found in knowing You and being known by You! May I live as a dedicated, faithful soldier in Your ‘army’ and may I use the weapons of warfare You’ve entrusted to me—walking in the truth of  Your Word by the power of the Holy Spirit; loving You and others as You have loved me; and obeying You  always, my King of Kings and Lord of Lords! (2 Cor. 10:3-6) Grant me the necessary discipline, faith, endurance, and a willingness to sacrifice and suffer as I follow You, my Commander-in- Chief! May I especially be found faithful to obey Your command to ‘go and make disciples so that others will come to know the love You have for them and the freedom, peace, joy, and love that is found in You alone! I pray this all in Your  Name, the Name above every name—the Name of Jesus! Amen.


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