“Seeking” is an active verb that means, “to go in search for; to inquire; to strive after”.  Does this describe your relationship with God?  Are you actively pursuing a relationship with Him?  Do you seek to follow His ways in every area of your life?  Or are you hiding from the One Who alone has the answer to every need in your life?

Do you realize how much you need God every minute of every day? The amplified version that says, “crave” means that there is a deep longing, or yearning, for God.How desperate are you for Him?Do you desire Him or the things of this world more?

If you are convicted that you have not truly sought after Him, know that God Who is the giver of everything can even give you the desire to seek after Him. Nearly twenty years ago I prayed that He would give me an insatiable desire for Him and His Word.

He was faithful to answer that prayer. I have craved His Word and Presence every day since I prayed that prayer. He promises that those who seek after Him will find Him when they search for Him with all of their heart. (Jeremiah 29:13)

There is always a temptation to seek to find answers to life’s problems outside of God’s Word and His will. Many Christians in America are aghast at what is taking place in our country as we depart from God’s teachings and values. We may seek to:

-blame our political leaders,

-blame special interest groups,

-blame those we perceive as the perpetrators of the sinful behavior.

I have found myself from time-to-time falling into the trap of the “blame game” too. The Holy Spirit reminds me that instead of looking to man for answers I need “to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”In seeking God with all our hearts we will:

·Gain a holy fear and reverence for God and His Word and be released from the fear of man

·Come to know the Truth that sets us free from every deception and bondage

·Stop hiding behind political correctness and

be empowered to stand up for the Truth regardless of the cost

·Recognize the lie that America can be saved by any means other than a spiritual revival

·Be empowered to influence the world by carrying outJesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20 to share with it the life-changing gospel

As we seek God and follow His ways we can bring about a revival in our homes, neighborhoods and nation. Seeking only after a “political” answer will lead to frustration. Seeking God will lead you to the One who is the Answer to your every need. Has your focus been on seeking after God or are you seeking to find answers where there are none to be found?

Written by Julie Van Gorp